Union Shipping Systems trusted with your furry friends

Our wisdom of experience means that we can take the stress out of your relocation with our team of pet travel experts and their detailed knowledge of complex country entry requirements and government body protocols. We understand that a family relocation is a significant event, and we can offer a range of services and options that will make your pet’s relocation easier for you and your pet.

Union Shipping Systems Team

The awesome team that powers Union Shipping Systems

Our fabulous team has been carefully selected to ensure that you and your pet encounter the highest level of care at every stage of your experience with Union Shipping Systems. With many long serving and knowledgeable team members, we are the pet travel experts who love what we do!

JetPets Team

We work with leading industry professionals to keep your beloved pet safe, healthy and happy.

We work closely with vets, airlines and trusted partners globally and throughout the USA, meaning we can offer travel solutions in almost any location.

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