Helping transport your pet within the USA

Union Shipping Systems works closely with airline partners to determine the safest and most comfortable travel solution for your pet. With ever-changing airline policies, breed restrictions and weather embargoes, Union Shipping Systems can assist in navigating alternate options for a happy reunion. We can offer a variety of transport options to suit your needs.

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Domestic Pet Transport in USA

Union Shipping Systems offers domestic pet transport services when you need a helping hand

Transporting your family pet is as important to us as it is to you. Realizing that every pet and their owners have different needs, Union Shipping Systems offers a range of optional services that can be added to your pets customized itinerary. We make the journey more comfortable for them – and more practical and convenient for you.

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We provide a customized Domestic Pet Travel experience

  • Advice and “move coordination”
  • Pickup from nearby origin
  • Travel Crate
  • Delivery to airport & airline check-in
  • Boarding & Kenneling
  • Delivery to their final destination
  • Flights
  • Comfort Stopovers (if required)
  • Health Checks & Certificates
  • Veterinary treatments
  • Collection from airport
  • Peace of mind
Fly or Drive

Fly or Drive?

Our country is beautiful and it sure is BIG! Depending upon the length of your planned road trip, it is important to consider the most suitable travel plans for both your family and your pet. Union Shipping Systems can provide you with either air or ground pet travel solutions that suit your family travel itinerary, whilst keeping your pet comfortable and happy. Speak to a Union Shipping Systems Pet Travel Consultant about a customized travel plan that will keep the whole family happy on vacation.

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